Audio Clips

Clips on this page originate from the original Mint Audio website from 2006 and whilst techniques have changed in the intervening years, they still give a good overview of our restoration work and what can be achieved.

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Spoken word 78 RPM Disc

This is an early electrically recorded disc from the 1920’s – The farewell speech by Dame Nellie Melba and transferred from an original 78 rpm disc. Electrical recording was still in it’s infancy when this was recorded and as there was some distance between the stage and the microphone the quality was not great. Restoration has made this far clearer – although far from perfect.

Music 78 RPM Disc

From the mid 1930’s Richard Tauber Taken directly from original shellac disc.

33 rpm Vinyl Disc

Taken from a fairly rough original 10 inch LP from 1952. This takes the music back to something approaching the original master although some imperfections remain as I did not wish to harm the original recording.

Cassette Transfers

This is a 1961 FM radio broadcast originally taped on reel to reel and later transferred to cassette (The reel no longer exists). The restored version that originally appeared on our site was released in 2006. This restored clip is a later restoration from a new transfer of the cassette from 2012.

Two examples from concerts in Manila. First from 1966 (originally recorded to 1/4″ reel and copied to cassette) and 1983 (Recorded to cassette originally, but this is a 2nd generation – and only surviving – copy)

More production clips