Mastering / Remastering

Richard Moore, Mastering engineer at Mint Audio has been responsible for all the releases listed in this sites discography.

Mastering for CD, Vinyl or Download (Standard or High Definition formats)

DDP Images / PQ lists

  1. A Christmas Greeting – Hereford Cathedral Choir

Christmas Past (Mint Audio Records)

2. One Morning In May – Matt Monro

Words and Music (EMI Records)

3. You’re A Lady – Peter Skellern

Complete Decca Recordings (Mint Audio Records)

4. That Face – Fred Astaire

Complete Studio Recording 1955 – 62 (Jasmine Records)

Comments about his work on customer reviews include.

The mastering by Richard Moore is superbMister D

The Remastering is superb! It shows lots of tender loving careAsianCharm

The sound quality is also amazingN. Bradley

Richard Moore ……… has outdone himself yet again in restoring and remastering these tracks. He is a big part of why these recordings sound as perfect and exquiste as they do” Joshua de Gray

Comments from other reviews and message boards.  

If only EMI would turn him loose on the Sinatra tapes. They’d likely blow out of the water any current incarnation of his material on CD 

“The sound quality and the mastering by Richard is quite simply outstanding, with this set putting similar collections by other artists to shame” 

“I was floored by how good it sounded” 

“Richard Moore has worked his magic once again on this latest project ……and done an incredible job remastering this incredible album” 

“Outstanding! Really outstanding.”