Transfers to file or disc are available from the following formats:-

Reel To Reel Tape (in both professional and consumer formats) – Dolby A & SR decoding available

Compact Cassette

Micro Cassette



Shellac Disc (16 rpm upwards)

Vinyl Disc (16 rpm upwards)

Video Tape (multiple formats)

Tape Baking also available.

Transfers made using Studer, Nakamichi, Tascam/Teac equipment.

Samples of transfers made at Mint Audio studios (more can be found on the restoration page)

1. Wild Geese 2 – Roy Budd

(Caldera Records)

from 1/4 inch Stereo mastertape.

2. Five Minutes More – June Marlow & Acker Bilk

(June Marlow)

From 8 Track Cartridge