All remastering work involves a certain amount of restoration and there is no set formula for what works best. At Mint Audio we always strive to return your recording to as close as the master as possible, no matter the source,  but priding ourselves in knowing when to stop!

Techniques include physical restoration – baking sticky shed effected tape,, repairing edited, professionally cleaning discs – and digital restoration including   spectral editing and more recent advances in restoration, alongside the more usual de-click/de-crackle and noise reduction tools

This page contains some examples of restored by Mint Audio from different formats. More examples can be heard on the transfers page.

Framed – Ray Ellington

From 78rpm disc

Lulu’s Back in Town – Matt Monro

From cassette copy of domestic 1/4in reel

One Day – Matt Monro

Domestic quarter track 3 & 3/4 ips reel

Sitting in the Balcony – Darlene Gillespie

From Vinyl 33 & 1/3rpm disc

A Couple of Swells – Judy Garland & Fred Astaire

From film soundtrack – all footfalls removed.