Matt Monro - at the bbc

Matt at the BBC was quite a big project. Firstly there was the problem of where to find the material. Most of Matt’s Radio recordings were not kept and the number of recordings that are in the main BBC library is very small. So what to do? I suggested that we look at the transcription library. We knew that the transcription service still existed – now called BBC Radio International – but how much it held was an unknown quantity. Rumours abounded that the library was missing large amounts of material. I spent a day huddled in the British Library scanning through old catalogues and submitted our request. Delightedly we found the rumours, (as far as Matt was concerned) to be just that and all of Matt’s transcription recordings had survived. There was just one problem!

Back in the 1960’s tape stock was expensive and bulky, so master tapes of the vast majority of these recordings were often re-used and copies kept on vinyl disc only. Whilst the 45 year old discs were in very good condition they were by no means perfect. They were expertly transferred into digital by BBC Radio International and sent to me, who set about getting the recordings back to master quality.

The recordings suffered mainly from surface noise and clicks and pops. There was also a small amount of low level crackle that was more of a challenge.

The 1961 show had a certain amount of groove wear and a few recordings contained minor clicks which could not be removed completely without harming the recording. However that vast majority of the songs should now sound as good as the original master tapes once did with no extra compression or tweaking required – a testament to the brilliance of the original BBC engineers.

The bonus Saturday Club recordings were not as well recorded. They sounding thin and lacking in the warmth of the star show recordings. After a little care and attention these now sound much closer to the other material featured on this set.

BBC Transcription disc

On this project not only did I research and remaster the audio I also authored the DVD – Transfers from original 2” quad video tape were made by the BBC on to Digi Beta tape from which the DVD was created.

Recording Information – The Star Show – with Ted Heath and His Music.
Recorded – 22nd February 1961
Something’s Gotta Give

Recorded – 16th April 1963
Let’s Face The Music And Dance
Memories Of You
Small Fry

Recorded – 15th July 1963
The Nearness Of You
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Recorded – 21th June 1963
Gone With The Wind
I Cried For You

Recorded 26th – 27th April 1963
A Cottage For Sale
Prisoner Of Love
I Should Care
Cheek To Cheek
I’m A Fool To Want You
My Kind Of Girl
Rocking Chair
I Get Along Without You Very Well
Memphis In June
Love Walked In
Georgia On My Mind
One Morning In May
How Little We Know
Blue Orchids
Garden Of Eden
That Old Feeling
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else

Bonus tracks: Saturday Club

Recorded 25th January 1966
How Do You Do
As Long As I’m Singing

Probably Recorded – 8th December 1964
It’s Alright With Me
Conducted By Johnnie Spence.

DVD Running Order
Matt Sings Monro

Born Free
Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
Walk Away
And You Smiled
From Russia With Love
We’re Gonna Change the World
Softly as I Leave You

Saturday Night at the Mill

Born Free
Walk Away
Portrait of My Love
If I Never Sing Another Song

Cilla Black

Curiouser and Curiouser
Crowther, Monro and Black

Morecambe & Wise


Released 4th May 2009